Junior School

Developing Successful Lives

Year 6


Due to the closure of schools, please find below details of home learning resources and a guideline of what we suggest should be completed during this period.

On the school website, there are links under ‘Learning’ then each year group to our online learning portals: Active Learn, TTRockstars, Spelling/Maths Shed and Reading Eggspress.  Teachers have assigned work on each of these portals and they will be updated regularly.

Please encourage your child to complete the following activities:


  • Complete comprehension lesson on Reading Eggspress
  • Read for at least 10 minutes – school book, home book or one from the Reading Eggspress library (complete quizzes)
  • TT Rockstars – tables practice
  • Spelling Shed – weekly spelling list activities
  • Active Learn – complete at least one activity allocated
  • Keep active! Remember to try and be active for at least 30 minutes each day


Additional activities to be completed each week:

  • Activities on Maths Shed
  • Keep a diary of what activities you have done eg: baking, online activities completed
  • Complete a printable activity (these can be found on your year group’s page)


Please refer to your year group’s page on the school website for other learning activities to be completed over time eg learning logs.

If your child has been in school today, they will have been given an exercise book to use as a diary and record work completed during the closure period.  If your child has not been in school you are welcome to collect a book for this purpose.

As we now have Reading Eggspress, we will not be sending reading books home.

We find ourselves in unprecedented times and as a school, we have very little information.  We will endeavour to update you regularly and thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Homework for each Year 6 group will be posted onto the website by Friday of each week.
You can also find a link below to Year 6 curriculum booklet

NEW - NUMBOTS - a letter to explain how to use this addition and subtraction game.