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Jan Seymour

Welcome to our website

Thank you for showing an interest in the Glebe. I hope we can give you a sense of the wonderful uniqueness of our school. The Glebe is a friendly and caring school, where learning thrives and children are proud of themselves and the school. We provide a high quality education with good support, care and guidance. At the heart of our ethos is the child. We strive to ensure all children enjoy school, feel safe, happy, and thrive.

Our children acquire a love of learning and develop skills for life. They feel freedom from bullying and harassment, and learn respect and understanding of others. Children achieve good standards through effective and motivating teaching with an interesting curriculum programme including many enrichment activities. A wide variety of additional clubs and activities are available, including the opportunity to take part in residential visits. We are known for our excellent choir and brilliant sports teams. The staff are hardworking and dedicated, and care greatly for every child. They are well qualified and involved in professional development working for improvement.

Within the Glebe there is a strong team spirit with all staff supporting and challenging each other to provide the best for our children. The Glebe has a strong leadership team and governing body, and the school runs smoothly. We are proud of our supportive parents and believe the views of members of the community and parent governors are vital to help the school improve. We would like all parents to be involved with their child’s education, at school and at home. We work in a genuine partnership with parents to raise standards and provide the best for all children.

As a junior school, we work hard to ensure good links with the local infant and secondary schools, ensuring children have a smooth transition as they move into Y3 from the infants and as they move on to Y7 at their secondary school. The schools meet regularly and communicate frequently including identifying areas for improvements and holding joint training events.

On a personal note, I am proud to be headteacher at Glebe.

I joined Glebe Junior School in January 2010 after being headteacher of a primary and nursery school in Chesterfield for 7 years. I previously worked in three schools in Lincolnshire and for their local authority as Numeracy Advisor. In Derbyshire I have worked for the local authority as a School Improvement Partner and Link Adviser supporting schools in the county.

For my first career, I was an Aeronautical Engineer at Rolls Royce, Derby as I have a degree in Engineering Science from Durham University. At Rolls Royce, I met my husband and we moved to his home county of Lincolnshire to join his family firm in textiles. We were lucky enough to have 2 lovely children, Cathy and Alan, who are now grown-up and working. I finally convinced my husband to move back to my much loved Derbyshire in 2003.

I studied to be a teacher when my children were young and I love it so much more than engineering. I am a caring person with a strong love of children and a fascination for the way they think and learn. I believe every child should realise their potential, academically and also in terms of the quality of their life.

I hope you have found the information you require, but if there is anything else, please contact the school. Perhaps you will be able to come and talk to our children; they are wonderful, so polite and confident. An absolute delight! One pupil told me recently that the Glebe is ‘where a smile is shared.’ A lovely thought that I will do my best to keep true. I would be pleased to meet you and show you our school.

Jan Seymour - Head Teacher