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At Glebe, we want to engage parents further in their child’s education. Information will be shared here about our curriculum including topics to be studied, visitors and trips. Throughout the year there are opportunities for parents, family and friends to join in with events. Please read the weekly newsletter to ensure your child benefits from these opportunities.
Each year group will share information about topics, homework and events. We will share photographs of pupils and celebrate their work.
If you wish for further information, please speak to the class teacher or year group leader. On our policies page you will find:- Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy, Framework for Effective Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy and Feedback and Response Policy.

Supporting your child with Maths

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Governors have produced a clear policy for all homework, hoping to meet the fine balance of supporting children’s learning while enabling them to enjoy their childhood and out-of-school activities. The most important element of homework is the engaging of parents in their child’s school life. It is the interest shown which is important, the listening and discussing, not the ability or knowledge of the family member.

Supporting Your Child

  1. The most important homework for any child is Reading. Please support your child by ensuring they read to an adult or independently at least 4 times a week. Also read to them regularly, including poetry and ensure boys see men enjoying reading.
  2. Please support your child to know their times tables through games and activities, including through computer games.
  3. All children will have curricular targets in their homework diaries each term for reading, writing and mathematics. Please discuss with you child and support where you can.
  4. Engage children in life through shopping, cooking and when travelling etc.
    a. Measure, weigh, use a clock, calculate timings, add money, work out change, calculate best value, read recipes and labels, etc.
    b. When travelling, look at maps together, use a clock, discuss countries, timetables, distances, calculate mileage or journey time.
  5. Physical Activity; All children are asked to take part in at least 15 minutes of physical activity 3 times per week, which might be swimming, walking or as part of sports club.

Set Homework for each year group is available to download and updated weekly on Friday.  Our homework policy can be found on the policies page.

Curriculum Over View

In September 2014 the New National Curriculum became statutory for all local authority-maintained schools. New tests were released for Summer 2016.

The National Curriculum contains the programmes of study and attainment targets for all subjects, at all key stages and can be downloaded from
National Curriculum is only part of education and contributes to the wider school curriculum. We have developed a broad and balanced curriculum considering local links, priorities and additional features. We engage children through a range of enrichment activities such as visits to places of interest, specialist visitors working with children at Glebe, use of drama and artefacts.
Our Curriculum Map provides an overview of topics covered for each year group and term. Further information can be found in our Termly Curriculum Booklets which are given to all children at the start of each term and are also available in the year group section of Learning or from the office.

Report explanation

Report explanation

Reading, Writing and Spelling Statements

Reading, Writing and Spelling Statements

Learning and Mastering Times Tables

Learning and Mastering Times Tables 

Developing successful lives

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