“Everybody can dance, it’s the drive and passion that makes you a dancer!”  On Tuesday 61 children from across school went to perform at the Winding Wheel in Chesterfield. It was the annual Bolsover School Sports Partnership Dance Festival where school across the district perform in front of an audience of approximately 700! All the children had practised their routines, put on their costumes and were more than a little excited heading up the M1 to the venue! The Glebe children enjoyed watching the other schools including a moving and powerful piece from the girls from Frederick Gent.  Our first dance was choreographed by Oliva Reynolds, Bop Ave who has been coming into school to teach a variety of children to street dance. They all performed with energy, enthusiasm and passion. After what seemed like forever, our boys dance group, Riley’s Rebels, took to the stage. With a selection of music, brilliantly mixed by Harvey Borg and his Dad, the boys performed strong contemporary moves, funky street and most importantly THE PYRAMIDS!  I was so proud of all our dancers and loved to see the enjoyment on each and every face.  Thank you to Olivia and Mrs Bradley for their work with the dancers and Thank you to all the parents for their support leading up to and on the day. Mrs Watson.